• Off-chain

  • The most frequent seen in-game assets

  • Used for upgrading pets

  • Summon pets using coins


  • Off-chain

  • Common in-game resource

  • Used for upgrading pets


  • Off-chain

  • Rare in-game assets

  • Use diamonds to summon rare pets

Capture Boxes

  • Off-chain

  • Rarity: UltimaBox > SuperBox > PetBox

  • Used to capture pets

Capture Tickets

  • Off-chain

  • Participate in the World Boss Challenge

  • Used to capture specific A-tier pets and S-tier pets

spMMM & uMMM

  • Off-chain

  • spMMM: spend and acquired in the game, can be exchanged into uMMM

  • uMMM: You can exchange it into spMMM at any time


  • On-chain

  • Can be transferred into uMMM

  • The in-game uMMM can be transferred into $MMM

  • It can be cashed to user wallet

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