After successful obtaining pets, users can choose whether they want to mint the pets as NFTs. Users can either mint directly or use the pet as merging materials and mint the newly generated pet later in "My NFTs".

Minting requires spending spMMM

  • Minting pets into NFTs requires spMMM, and the cost depends on the current $MMM market price. As $MMM price increases, minting cost decreases, and vice versa.

Features for NFT only:

  • Minted NFT pets will be given additional buffs, including a 200% increase on Atk and HP.

  • NFT pets can be traded in marketplace.

  • Only S1+NFT pets will be able to join Pet Dispatch to acquire extra spMMM.

  • Special edition NFTs (Electric Sheep, BAYC, etc.) will also enjoy exclusive buffs.

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