Assets and Wallet In Game

Click on the "Assets" icon or the "Wallet" icon in the upper-right corner; you can view your assets.

Player assets

Player assets are divided into a "Spending Account" and a "Assets".

Spending Account: This account contains off-chain spMMM (spending MMM) and uMMM(unlocked MMM).

  • spMMM: The off-chain currency spent and acquired in the game, can be converted into uMMM.

  • uMMM: You can withdraw and convert it into on-chain $MMM at any time.

The exchange rules for spMMM and uMMM are as follows:

  • spMMM to uMMM conversion offers three options: 3 days, 7 days, or 15 days. For instance, selecting a 15-day conversion for 1500 spMMM will yield 100 uMMM per day, with the process spanning 15 days until completion.

Vest time๏ผˆday๏ผ‰The ratio for exchanging uMMMDaily uMMM acquisition










  • uMMM to spMMM conversion is instant, and for every 1000uMMM converted, you will receive some superBox rewards.

Wallet: Contains on-chain MMM and the currency of the current game's blockchain.

Assets transfer

You can transfer your assets between the spending account and wallet.

  • From Spending to Wallet: transfer off-chain uMMM to on-chain $MMM.

  • From Wallet to Spending: transfer on-chain $MMM to off-chain uMMM.

Clicking "Open Wallet" opens the wallet,here you can view, add, and transfer your on-chain assets.

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