To obtain a pet that is more suitable for user's combat team to increase chances of winning, the user can also choose to burn pets and create a new pet.

Chances of creating new pet:


3 * B-class Pets

B-class, A-class

3 * A-class Pets

A-class, S-class

Reborn Instruction:

  1. Proceed to Meta Merge Official website:

  2. Click "Reborn" on the top bar

  1. Connect and select wallet containing the pets you wish to consume to Reborn. The new pet you create through Reborn be in the same wallet you selected.

  1. Click on the pets you wish to consume to Reborn. You need to select 3 pets to create 1 new pet.

  • Only pets will the same rarity level (B-class, A-class) owned by the same wallet can be selected for each Reborn. You may choose a different rarity level or wallet for the next Reborn.

  • S-class pets cannot be used for Reborn.

  • Users can create multiple pets at once. Number of pets selected need to be a multiple of 3 (6, 9, 12 or so on).

  1. Click "filter" to help select pets.

  1. Click the "Reborn" button to proceed with Reborn.

  1. Confirm wallet transaction.

  1. Congratulations! You have created a new pet.

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