🖐 Catching Enemies

After completing certain levels, catching gameplay will be available. Users can use the capture box to catch enemies and obtain the captured pet upon successful capture. The capture probability is affected by two factors: the level of the pet box and capture difficulty of this pet..

Pet boxes classified from low to high as:

  • PetBox (green)

  • SuperBox (blue)

  • UltimaBox (purple)

If a capture attempt fails, the probability of the next attempt will slightly increase.

You can use diamonds to increase the probability, but the maximum limit for the probability enhancement is 50%.

🖐 Catching Arena

Users can also enter Catching Arena for desired pets by spending spMMM or capture tickets. The range of pets that can be captured are the pets that have been unlocked.

Unlock condition for the Catching Arena: pass main storyline level 50

  • Users can capture pet up to 3 times per day.

  • Catching B-tier requires spending spMMM.

  • Catching A-tier pets and S-tier pets requires using capture tickets.

  • Users need a capture box during the capturing process.

Capture tickets can be obtained by challenging the world boss.

Attend Meta Merge event when possible, there are also chances to get Event Treasure Box which may contain special edition pets that are hard to find elsewhere.

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