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World Boss

In the World Boss event, all players have the opportunity to challenge formidable bosses. Completing these challenges will earn you a share of the spMMM prize pool and valuable resource rewards, including spMMM, coins, diamonds, S-tier Pets, and capture tickets.

Opening condition

To unlock the World Boss, you should have reached level 30. Additionally, all NFT pets are eligible to participate in the event.

About the Meta Merge World Boss

The World Boss event features five formidable bosses, each challenging in a cyclical sequence. Between these challenges, there are rest periods. The first boss preview time is followed by subsequent intervals of a few hours.

Challenge Process:

  • Users can select up to three NFTs as their challenge combination.
  • Spend spMMM to enter the challenge.The cost will increase as the total number of challenges continues to rise.
  • The total damage inflicted by each player is recorded after each battle.
  • The bosses possess varying attack powers, which increase with each round.

Each Challenge Reward:

With every challenge attempt, whether successful or not, players are entitled to receive random rewards. These rewards may include spMMM, coins, diamonds, S-rank Pets, and capture tickets.
The probability and quantity of rewards will be adjusted promptly based on the number of participants and feedback in the world boss event.
random S-tier pet
capture tickets

Prize Pool

The prize pool is composed of the initial pool and all the challenge costs from this round.
After this round's boss is defeated, the prize pool will be distributed to all participating players according to different ratios.
The distribution of the prize pool
Sunshine Share
Damage Share
Last Strike
the Next Boss
Sunshine Share: Every participant has the opportunity to share 20% of the spMMM prize pool. The distribution is based on their frequency of participation.
Damage Share: A significant 50% share of the prize pool is divided among participants according to the damage they inflict during the challenges.
Last Strike: A rewarding 20% of the spMMM prize pool is granted to the player who delivers the final blow to the boss.
10% for the Next Boss: An allocation of 10% of the prize pool is reserved to bolster rewards for the next boss challenge.