🐾Pet Dispatch

Week 16🎒Strategically assemble a team of courageous pets for this thrilling adventure.

With unwavering determination, they will venture into the unknown, overcoming obstacles and perils to bring back the spoils of their quest. The treasures they acquire will be yours to keep and utilize to enhance your journey.

Pet Dispatch Process

  1. Choose the dispatched pet. Different pets correspond to different dispatch rewards. After confirming, click "start" to begin the dispatch.

  2. Waiting for the dispatch to conclude.

  3. After the dispatch is over, click "Claim" to receive the reward.


Each dispatch will last 24 hours. Within the time frame, the pets that joins will be in "Away Status" and can not be traded or merged.

Version 1.2.9 has been changed from 8 to 24 hours, with energy consumption changed to 3 points.


All dispatched NFTs in the server will share spMMM from the dispatch reward pool, which has a fixed pool size each week. The distribution of spMMM is calculated in real-time based on the current number of dispatched NFTs.

Example: Suppose in the first week, during a particular dispatch lasting 8 hours, an average of 5000 level 1 S-⭐️NFTs were in the dispatch state. The rewards for each level 1 S-⭐️NFT during this dispatch would be calculated as follows: (30000000/7/24/5000)*8=285.7 spMMM.

Fixed pool size each week:

At the game's outset, the dispatch pool is used. When a certain number of NFTs are dispatched, the Supplemental pool is activated.

If player dispatch rewards decrease, the project team will add spMMM to the activity pool to maintain reasonable player dispatch rewards.

Unallocated rewards from the weekly dispatch pool will be reintegrated back into the total dispatch pool.

Factors influencing dispatch rewards:

  • The higher level/star-rating of the NFT, the more reward.

  • The more number of NFTs in the squad, the more reward.

  • Each star-level NFT has its own individual one-time dispatch reward limit.

If the number of dispatched NFTs is relatively low, the reward for each NFT will reach the limit.

Note on level bonuses: The starting NFT level at the beginning of dispatch serves as the baseline; any level advancements during dispatch will only take effect during the next dispatch.


There are 3 initial slots for pet dispatch. Slots 4 to 8 require reaching the corresponding level in the main storyline to unlock.User may spend spMMM to unlock more slots (maximum = 8) for more rewards.


  • Each dispatch will consume 3 point of energy from the NFT. (Version 1.2.9 has been changed from 8 to 24 hours, with energy consumption changed to 3 points.)

  • When energy drops below 50%, dispatch rewards will decrease to 90%.

  • If the energy is completely depleted, the dispatch cannot continue.

  • You can use spMMM to recover the energy.

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