Merge two pets to create a single, higher-level pet. This feature provides an opportunity to strategically combine users' existing pets to create even stronger pets.


Same race of pets with the same star-rating can be merged. After merging, the original pets are destroyed and a new pet is generated.

When two pets have the same star-rating and are identical, both icons will flash, and an evolve button will appear on the pet viewing interface. Clicking on this button will trigger a confirmation window asking whether you want to proceed with the merging process.

To merge an NFT with a pet requires spending spMMM equal to the spMMM cost of minting that pet into an NFT.This process is equivalent to minting the pet into an NFT first; then, merging two NFTs afterward.

Merge Path:

After successfully merging pets, users can choose to mint the new pet as NFT.

The highest level that can be obtained through pet catching or summoning is S-⭐️. To obtain S-⭐️⭐️ and above, it is necessary to obtain them through merging.

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